My Quilt

the quilt of an 18
year old girl named
jennifer. ...more?


Shroom #3: Bubble Bee 2011 Hanami Festival Winner Creative Quilt Winner 2011 Paper Stars Winner 2011 Tea Party Winner 2011 Tea Party Winner 2011 Tea Party Winner Pixel Team


Daily Bee: December 2010 Daily Bee: January 2011 Daily Bee: February 2011 Daily Bee: March 2011 Earth Day 2011 Hanami Festival 2011 Daily Bee: April 2011 I Read the Rules! Bumble Bee
Hanami Festival 2011 Casey #116: Secret Patch Award Daily Bee: May 2011 Cinco de Mayo 2011 Hanami Festival 2011: Best Flower Design Hanami Festival 2011: Best Pixeling Creative Quilt Just Because: "She's so cheerful and bubbly! When I sent in my trade request, she responded so quickly and was so friendly, I just felt that sort of enthusiasm deserves an award :9" Great Bee*mee Derby
Pixel Islands 2011 Chocolate Bunnies 2011 Bee Flags 2011 Thanks for Entering!: Fruity Drinks 2011 Thanks for Voting!: Pixel Island 2011 Daily Bee: June 2011 Sand Castles 2011: Entering Groups: Authors Groups: Web Design
Honey's Clothesline 2011: Entering Sand Castles 2011: Thanks for Voting! Thanks for Entering!: Star Jars 2011 Groups: Pixel*Lots Groups: Bookworms Thanks for Voting!: Star Jars 2011 Daily Bee: September 2011 Tea Party 2011 Groups: Lean Bees
Seasonal Scenes: Thanks for Voting! Honey: Official T-Shirt Bee-utiful Refresh Pixel Team Tea Party 2011: Most Creative Winners: 3rd Place Tea Party 2011: Best Pixeling Winners: 3rd Place Tea Party 2011: Fanciest Cup Winners: 2nd Place Seasonal Scenes 2011: Best Pixeling Winners: 3rd Place Seasonal Scenes 2011: Loveliest View Winners: 1sr Place

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Thank You: Yvonne #292 Afef #005: Thank You Gift Inger #136: Thank You Gift Diane #289: Thank You Gift Sam #36: Thank You Deliah #1: Thank You Melissa #188: Thank You! Bubs #77: Thank You! Rainey #39: Thank You!
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Thank You for Trading with Me Melissa's (#188) Appreciation Quilt 2011 Melissa's (#188) Appreciation Quilt 2011 Congratulations on Your Baby! To: Anne #263


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