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Tea Party 2011

In many parts of the world around this time, the weather is slowly getting chillier! Honey has decided to celebrate the beginning of this crisp season (or the end, whichever it is for you!) by throwing a tea party fit for a queen (or two)! ;) Decorate a teacup and submit it here to join her party! The activity was active between September 6th - October 6th.


Tea Party 2011 Tea Party 2011: Brittini #212 Tea Party 2011: Courtney #147 Tea Party 2011: Inger Franz #136 Tea Party 2011: Barbara #273 Tea Party 2011: Misaki #262 Tea Party 2011: Lollie #234

Party Invitation

Tea Party Invitation 2011 Tea Party Invitations 2011: Brittini #212 Tea Party Invitation 2011: Courtney #147 Tea Party Invitation 2011: Inger Franz #136 Tea Party Invitation 2011: Misaki #262
Tea Party Invitation 2011: Lollie #234